Friday, May 07, 2010

The doorbell rang and there stood my dear friend and a bottle of wine...

It had been way too long since the two of us had visited with each other. She and her husband had moved from Birmingham to Atlanta many, many years ago...but, we have always stayed in touch and our friendship has stood the test of time for all of these years.

There are two things about our relationship: We never run out of things to talk about and, we always seem to have some wine when we are together. This time was no different.

The wine that she brought was quite pricey and needed extra special care. We were to chill this bottle of Pinot Noir for 30 minutes before we took a sip. No less-no more.

While it was chilling a bottle of Pino Grigio was opened and poured...and the conversations began. It's always wonderful to play catch up...especially with old friends of 34 years or so.

After eating lunch out earlier, we had decided to stop at the local seafood market and pick up some fresh shrimp and crabmeat for dinner at home. While sipping our wine and enjoying some white bean dip and hummus, I prepared a large salad, crabcakes...and began to boil the shrimp. Cocktail sauce was made...the table was set and dinner was served.

The thirty minute chilled wine was opened and, I must say, it was absolutely incredible. Smooth and mellow...a really enjoyable treat. It was so good that we didn't even wait for it to "breathe"!

We both talked about the fact that this was a relatively healthy, low fat, low calorie meal....that is....UNTIL....

...the dishes were cleared away and we both began to think about something sweet..... like chocolate (of course) ! Throwing caution to the wind we began to eat some of my warmed up homemade chocolate chip cookies by dipping them into some creamy milk chocolate that I had melted in the microwave. We snorfed these delicacies down and laughed out loud at our lack of self-restraint.

Wine, chocolate and doesn't get much better than that.

Diets begin tomorrow... : )

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