Thursday, May 06, 2010

My "mama" bird.

As I previously posted, a nest was built in the hanging planter at my front door.

Some of the plants inside the planter have slowly died as I haven't wanted to disturb the nest...even though I have thought that the comings and goings from my front door may have caused the "family" to move on.

However, yesterday, as I was walking back inside my house, I let out a little gasp as I saw a little pair of eyes staring at me. It was the mama bird who was resting comfortably inside of the nest keeping her eggs warm, I suppose. (Or, maybe it was the papa bird if they are a progressive bird species!) : )

So, for now, I will try to only go in and out of my side door...that is until the babies are born.

After all, I guess that this makes me a grandma again, right?


Granny Annie said...

Cross your fingers, go in and out the side door and bell all the cats! TN said...

I love the bird picture. That happened to me last year...right beside my front door. Are you watching American Idol/ Who is going to be our next idol? I think it will be Crystal.....and Lee won't be far behind her....just my opinion!

Grammie said...

Thanks for the comments ladies...Clara, I am definitely still watching American Idol! My favorite is Lee Dewyze...even though I think that Crystal is fabulous, too. It will be interesting to see the final results!