Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eating Our Way Through San Francisco-2010

In my 61 years of life on this planet, I haven't ever been to, when Dave and I both ended up with free tickets on Southwest Airlines...we decided to head out west to San Francisco!

After finalizing the dates that we could go (October)...I began to read through the Frommer's Guide to San Francisco while Dave checked things out online.

Did we look up the sites to be seen? No. Did we check out the hotels, B and B's? No. Did we check out the maps of the city? No. Did we look into how we would be spending a couple of days in wine country? No.

We were both checking out the FOOD!

I had to laugh in that we both share a love of food and are challenging ourselves to find the restaurants that are quaint, inexpensive, where the California natives go....and, most of all, where the best food is. It is kind of like that show: Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives where host Guy Fieri goes all over America looking for great food. He finds it in some of the strangest and most remote places... and it always looks so delicious!

So, I have decided to name our upcoming trip: "Eating Our Way Through San Francisco 2010".

Any suggestions? : )

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JeanMac said...

Good luck with your choices- we'd make a great traveling(eating!) pair!