Saturday, June 12, 2010


I got in the mood to try and replace my old blogging background with something a little more serene. I was afraid to get too ambitious and possibly erase the entire thing so I am taking this change slowly. Who knows what I might do next?!?!


Summer is definitely here! With highs in the 90's and humidity in the thousands (!), I sure can feel it. Remind me of all of this warmth when I complain about the cold winter.


My neighbor turned "83" today. He told me that he is going to start switching his age around from now, he is really only "38" today.

I think that it is a good idea.

I kind of like being "16". : ) Hey, we might even start a new trend...


The same neighbor was having his whole family over to celebrate today and asked if I would mind if his grandkids came over to swim. Of course, I was delighted...especially since I have gotten the water so clear and inviting.

The kids range in age from about 8-16. I have to admit that sitting here looking out my window at them doing cannonballs into the water brings back lots of memories of when my boys were younger.



I think that Facebook is going to take over the world one day! With over 400 million is amazingly popular.

I have met some old friends on it and kept up with current acquaintances as well. It is a great source for picture sharing, too....and, just seems to make this big old world a bit smaller.

I recently decided to put photos of my pottery on it and try and sell it that way. It has only been on for a few days and three pieces have already sold!

If you are a Facebook subscriber and would like to take a look...put: "Pottery to the Max" in the search area and come by for a visit!

See you then... : )


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Granny Annie said...

Thanks to your and your neighbor, I am now 46 years old:) Love you new background. Will go check out your pottery.