Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gin-soaked raisins?

I was going through some of my beach pictures this afternoon and I came up this photo. It is a jar filled with gin-soaked raisins that one of the Girlies brought with her.

Now, unlike "Jello shooters", this is not a new fad amongst drinkers. It is actually a folk remedy for arthritis that had been recommended for her to try for some of her aches and pains. The verdict is still out whether or not these raisins were of any help. In fact, there haven't been any scientific studies done to prove or disprove this theory...but, many people swear by it.

Here is what you do in case you would like to try it:

*take a box of golden raisins. (note: they must be the golden variety, sometimes called white raisins, not ordinary black raisins).

*place the raisins in a shallow container.

*cover the raisins with gin.

*let the raisins soak in the gin for a few weeks until the gin evaporates.

*you then eat nine of these drunken raisins a day to help your arthritis.

Want to read more? Go to this site.

I guess that it can't hurt...and, it might be kind of fun!? *hic* : )

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