Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's only hair...right???

Today was my day to get "beautified" (ha)...and by that I mean a hair cut, full color, and a smathering of highlights. For those of you who thought that these "golden tresses" were all natural (ha, again), I will apologize now.

I adore my beautician, Caroline. She lets me drive her crazy each time that I come with a different idea about how I would like my hair to be.

She smiles...she laughs...and then she does what she wants. I love that about her!

Today's "plan" was totally ambiguous as I was thinking that I was ready for a little change. Instead of a short haircut like last time, I thought that maybe I would let it get a little longer? But, then, on the other hand, with my baby fine hair, I know that a short "do" is probably the most flattering....but, maybe if we just let it get chin length....or would a really layered cut make it appear thicker????

And then there is the color. I had been working my way to a more brunette look....but, with summer here I was thinking maybe a few blonde highlights might be the way to go....of course then I take the risk of it getting too light...and, brown is really my natural color (minus the gray, of course!)...but wouldn't a little lighter color perk things up a bit?????

....and, on and on and on I went....!

Well, as I said, Caroline "listens" to me and then does what she thinks will look best....so, she trimmed it slightly giving it a new shape, covered all my gray with a lighter brown...and then added some slight blonde highlights throughout.

It looks great despite all of my fretting.

Thanks, Caroline! I can't wait until my next appointment so that I can drive you crazy again.... : )

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DeeJay said...

You sound just like me with my hair appointments every 4-6 weeks...LOL!

It always (usually) ends well, too. Glad yours did!