Monday, June 28, 2010


If you are wondering about the hiking boots above...I have a perfectly good explanation.(?) I saw a snake in my yard the other day. I was on my way to the shed on the side of the house and suddenly saw this huge thing slither by. I calmly screamed and ran into the house to get my camera so that I could take a photo to identify the species....but, it was gone by the time I got back out.

Since I have to go out into my backyard for various chores and such, I decided to protect myself (well, at least my feet!) by putting on my heavy boots to walk around the yard today.

I looked like a fool in the 98 degree temperatures, but I got everything done without any snake, watch out, buddy! Ha!


Even though I was the "victim" in my little car accident on Saturday...I still find myself having to do a lot to take care of it all. Lots of phone calls, paper work, appointments with the other driver's insurance agency as well as a fun trip down to the downtown police department today. I had to pick up the accident report in person and pay $5 for the little piece of paper that the policeman filled out right in front of us on Saturday.

I'm still trying to figure out why he didn't just give us the carbon copies then!??! Bureaucracy at its finest.


My private "squirrel war" continues. Even after plugging up a couple of the bird feeder holes so that the squirrel wouldn't have anything to grasp on to....they have still found a way to swing on it while eating away at the bird seeds. I hate to break up their fun...but, they are draining my feeders so quickly that there isn't much left for the little birdies.

I had read that mothballs spread around the yard will keep the snakes I thought that maybe it would do the same for the squirrels. Dave methodically spread the mothballs around the island where the bird feeder is located.

It didn't deter fact, I think that I spotted a couple of squirrels playing catch with them.

C'mon, guys....can't we just all get along? Now go out and find your own food!


I can't believe that July is right around the corner. When did that happen? This year is just whizzing by and I don't like it one bit.


Those are all of my "rumblings" for today... : )

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Granny Annie said...

The pain from an automobile accident truly begins when you start dealing with the insurance companies. I had to laugh about your "carbon copies" comment. There is no such thing anymore. I especially appreciate your comment about almost being July. I haven't mailed our deposit to our bill pay account for July. Yikes! And let me also say "Yikes" to the snakes. Keep those boots on.