Thursday, June 03, 2010

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Confucius

In my continuing idiocy determination to win the war on the algae dust at the bottom of my pool, I must admit that I am nearing wit's end.

Making life simpler, but more costly, would be calling the local pool company (who charge $100 an hour) to come over and clean up the pool for me while I sit inside my air-conditioned house eating bonbons.

But, noooo, I have to complicate my life a bit more than it already is by trying to do it all myself!

So, yesterday I went online and watched lots of how-to videos on "vacuuming out an in ground swimming pool".

It looked pretty straight forward to I drove over to the local pool company and purchased all of the vacuuming equipment that I could. My thinking was that it was worth the initial investment to have the stuff that I would need year after year...right? Wrong.

But, not to be deterred, early this morning I headed out with the vacuum head, 40 ft. hose and skimmer cap. I simply attached a telescoping pole to the head and then attached the 40 ft. hose. So far so good.

Now, the video said that you must get the tubing totally filled with water so that no air bubbles will get into your system. This sounds easier than it is to do...believe me!

There I was on my knees (ouch!)trying to slowly push 40 feet of tubing underwater. It just kept floating to the surface filled with air. Not good.

On top of that one must keep the pole and vacuum head down in the water at the bottom of the pool. Well, it kept sliding down into the pool so I brilliantly got the idea to "anchor" it with one of my patio chairs. Once it was in place I went to turn on the hose so that the pool could stay filled with I turned back around I saw the pole AND my yard furniture sinking slowly into the deep end of my pool.

After capturing the sinking chair, I somehow managed to begin the process of vacuuming. For about 2 minutes it was working great as I smugly smiled at my money-saving genius. But, then all suction stopped and the filter basket sounded like it was gasping for air.

After several attempts to get in touch with the pool guy..... (who I brought homemade cookies to the other day to keep him in my good graces and whose line was continually busy)....I called Dave at work (in a panic) to have him go online and help me find out what was going on!

Dave found a pool site and began to read it to me...luckily, one of the suggestions was to open all of the skimmer vents (don't ask!) which I did....and, the water began to flown once again. When I finally spoke with my pool guy later on, he said that if I hadn't done that within a few minutes the filter system would have burnt up.

OK. So much for my do-it-yourself brilliance.

Truthfully, I'd rather be eating bonbons...

(stay tuned)