Friday, July 09, 2010

...unfortunately, he had waited a bit too long and the concrete had gotten a little too hard!

But, this dear man didn't let that stop us as he broke through bits of the concrete... making it a little easier to push the clay pieces through. We then spread some fresh concrete over it to fill in some of the cracks and openings that the pottery caused. After a while, I wiped away the excess concrete and voila! the heart was exposed.

So, here are some pieces of my heart that will, hopefully, signify good times ahead... and, certainly, no more floods!


Granny Annie said...

Oh my, how lovely. That heart makes my heart swell because it is so swell.

Now about Sammy. What we wouldn't give for a Sammy. Supposedly people around here are out of work but just try to get someone to work for you. Ron pays a more than fair wage but workers just don't show up. My Utility Room that was started on my Birthday June 2, got one wall up and the workers could not return and finally said we would have to find someone else. They just didn't have time....from what? drinking beer? TN said...

That is so pretty. Once I covered a small table with broken pieces of tile. I love it....your heart will be there forever!