Friday, July 09, 2010

When I saw the truck pull up I knew that something good was going to happen....

...and it did!

Four months after my pipe breakage and flood and the walkway is finally done and as an extra added bonus I got to spend some time with Sammy.

Sammy, the "concrete guy" is the only workman who arrived here when he said he would...on time...and, ready to work! I could just hug him!

He had the area prepared, the brick laid out and it was all ready for the final step--the concrete mixer!

While waiting for the concrete truck to arrive, we got to know a little bit about each other. He was telling me how difficult it was to get work these days...and that he was trying to do a little bit of everything to bring in some money. His wife passed away after 28 years of marriage...and, I could see the sadness when he spoke of this. But, then he gave me a big toothless grin when he spoke to me about his 4 grandchildren. Now there was a topic that we could commiserate on!

Sammy took pride in his work and it showed as he carefully poured the concrete into the area that he had marked off. Then he began the smoothing process...

I had spoken to him earlier about trying to make something positive out of the flood and damage that had been done to my home inside and out. My idea was to take broken pieces of my pottery that I had been saving and fashion a heart out of them...and lay them into the concrete. I stayed up late last night collecting and cutting my broken pottery and placing them into the shape of a heart.

He graciously said that he would hang around to help me get it done. We had to wait about an hour until he thought that the concrete was just the right consistency to hold the pottery...BUT....