Monday, July 26, 2010

California Ca$h

We know that when we head to California in October, things will be ridiculously expensive, we have begun to save a little money each week in a little container that I made.

Besides shots of San Francisco, I have glued a photo of me and Dave saying the following: Me: "Where's the shopping?" "Let's taste some wine!" "I love to people watch..." and Dave: "Where's the food?" "Is there a TV in here?" "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives!"

I am hopeful that, by the time we leave on our trip, we will have accrued enough to do something fun....maybe a nice dinner out...or a wine (yesssss!) tour....or even to defray some of the cost of staying in San Francisco.

Whatever. It just feels good to be putting some $$$ cash away.

Too bad that it can't be earning interest...


Granny Annie said...

OH by all means put the money in savings and gain an entire .50 basis points. WhooHoo!

Moobear said...

You are sooo creative. This is a wonderful,fun idea.