Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Messages from Marsha

Last night I began to receive email messages from my sister, Marsha, as she sat on a plane in Atlanta awaiting departure.  Each one came separately as she typed away on her Blackberry to me...obviously, and understandably, quite frustrated.
While I totally empathized with her situation, I couldn't help but see some of her sarcastic humor in the messages and decided to copy and paste them for my post for today.

"There are 25 planes (those are the 25 that are visible!!!!) ahead of us and none are moving because of storms on the way to Raleigh. All flights on hold. This could be one of those flights you hear about where we sit for hours ."

"Captain just said some (planes) have been sitting for three hours!!!!!!!"

"So far one hour and not moving. Why did they put us on the plane???"

"The newest estimate is approximately one hour to leave. But the sky is now pitch black. Who knows!"

"We now have a screaming baby.

And this before we even took off!!!! "

"In the air after 2+ hours. We hit turbulence and the young lady in front of me starts screaming oh G-d, oh G-d. Her "whatever he is" is holding her down and everyone else is staring. I guess you will get this when I finally land. "

"Just arrived. No agents available to open the doors. 10 more minutes of waiting.

What a fun night."

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Tabor said...

I hate travel and actually am not looking forward to my Canada trip this fall...at least the airplane part!