Wednesday, July 28, 2010

yada yada yada

As I looked out of my sunroom window the other morning, I noticed that something was different....very different. Where were my beautiful birds that were usually feasting at the bird feeder as the sun came up? Actually, where was my FEEDER?!?!

I ran outside to see the entire feeder had crashed to the ground spilling seeds all over the place.  Not only had the feeder crashed....but, the branch that has held it up for all of these years was also down!

I imagine that the weight of the many critters who roam my backyard at night must have finally caused the branch to crack.  Maybe, in their frustration over my newest "squirrel proof" feeder attachment, they decided to take it down?  Or, possibly, there was a party going on that got out of control.

Maybe, they ate one too many nuts.
The good news is that my hero, Dave, was able to reposition the feeder wire on a much higher, and hopefully stronger, branch in the same tree.  He got up on my tall ladder and worked the wire over the branch securely....the feeder was attached....and all is well in my backyard birdland once again.

And, the seed that spilled all over the place provided a lovely all-you-can-eat buffet for everyone!
Speaking of birds.....Dave has managed to get his hummingbirds to drink the sweet nectar that he provides while he was holding the feeder!  Now, that is trust.

Mine fly away at the first movement that I make to get a better view of these tiny fascinating creatures.

He now calls himself, "The Bird Whisperer".  : )
Don't you just hate the "waiting" to get diagnostic health reports back? I finally found out that my mammogram was clear and all was well.  That's always a good feeling...

Ladies....take care of yourselves and don't put off doing this important test.
Let the packing begin! 

I will be heading to Wilmington, DE in a few days where Dave will be already visiting with his mom.  The next day, he and I will then drive a rental car to Skaneateles, New York (near Syracuse) where he will spend 3 1/2 days filled with being with my sister and me and playing golf with my brother-in-law, etc. etc.

When he heads home, I will remain.... and my three sisters and Mom will join me for a week together!!  We will be celebrating birthdays, eating a lot, drinking some great wine from a local vineyard, relaxing, boating, talking, talking, talking, and just enjoying being together!

I can't wait!!!!
More to come on this trip....
My friend's precious granddaughter, Maya, will be heading back to Costa Rica at the end of this week. This little bundle of joy has totally taken Birmingham by storm....leaving smiles and laughter wherever she has been.

I know that her parents will be glad to have her back home after this three week visit...but, I will miss her wonderful spirit and love so very much. 

Safe travels, Maya!
Stay cool spite of the sweltering summer temperatures!

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