Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Sure, go ahead of me'" I said to the gentleman....

As I stood in line at Sam's Club today, the woman in front of me was buying so many things that it looked like she was going into hibernation for a while. I mean, can anyone use that much toilet paper?

Well, anyway, I found myself feeling a bit impatient as the gentleman checking her out was moving v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y...However, I took a deep breath and waited for my turn.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a gentleman get behind me with only two towels that he was going to purchase. At first I tried to act like I didn't see him ( C' know that you all have done that!)....but, remembering how I have felt in that position, I told him that he could certainly go on ahead of me in the line.

So, he did.

And, I waited some more as the woman finally finished up and then the guy began to pay for his two towels.

After he was done, he walked away with a scowl on his face.

A little "thank you", a smile, a wave of his hand... any of those might have been nice......

What happened to being gracious?

If you have been reading up on things, you probably know that dark chocolate has now been deemed "good for us"! You can bet that I jumped right on that bandwagon...almost as fast as when they said that red wine was therapeutic!

So, there I was in Target, on my second errand, when I spotted something chocolate that looked incredibly delish.

It was a bag of M and M Premiums called "Chocolate Trio". It is described as "tantalizing layers of milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate to tickle your fancy...with a new shimmering soft shell".

Be still my heart.

So, I did what any health conscious woman would do.  I bought it. I ate a third of it before I even left the parking lot. There was just a little bit of dark chocolate inside of each one...but, that's okay....every little bit helps, right?

I feel healthier already.
Talking about being healthy....I just read another article about how important women's friendships are to our well being.  I totally concur.

I can't imagine my world without the Girlies in it.  They are my confidants, partners in crime, listeners, life savers, etc. etc. etc.

Women to women friendships survive because we are all from the same planet. We like to discuss our feelings.  We like to get other's opinions.  We relish our time talking about "men" fact, we just like to talk! Oh yeah.

Let's be honest.  Men just don't "get us"....and probably never will.

Here's to Girlie Power!  : )


Winifred said...

Yes there are some truly bad mannered people around.

I think twice about offering now as a while ago I saw a man with only one thing in his hand after me in the queue at the checkout. As I had a fair few things I asked if he wanted to go in front of me. He said yes and thanked me. However I soon regretted my offer, what was in his hand he was returning and there was a problem with his receipt. It took ages and in the meantime they had to open another checkout but as all my stuff was loaded I couldn't move!

dana said...

No good deed goes unpunished. I feel the same when I motion for a car to pull in front of me and they don't even wave. There's so many with a sense of entitlement anymore, but I still wave cars ahead or give someone permission to go ahead of me.....I might feel like a jerk, but there also comes a time when someone waves ME ahead.

Tabor said...

He clearly was not raised correctly or he would have thanked you as he left! Anything chocolate has got to be healthy. Although you did read about that idiot that bought up a third of the chocolate market...future.

Grammie said...

Thanks all for your visits and your comments! It is so nice to know that you are out there sharing my escapades with me.

I love all of your blogs!