Friday, July 30, 2010


"The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence."- Norman Vincent Peale

No kidding?!?!

I had to laugh when I read my "Daily Inspiration" this morning.  I mean who has that kind of life today with all of the stresses surrounding us?

I could probably re-word that to say: "The easiest type of existence is a life where you can handle stress with a good cry and a nice glass of your favorite wine."

I try not to be stressed....but, it seems to want to follow me around.

Now that I have had several floods in my finished basement, I have decided to begin to name they do Hurricanes...

Speaking of that, we are finally dried out (the downstairs, not me) from Flood Connie.  The plumber, the air-conditioning specialist, the Sears technician, and the candle-stick maker (just thought that I'd prove that I still have a remnant of humor left in me) have all left their mark....and, their bills.

Another stress-producing thing in my life is getting packed.  OH, how I hate doing that....especially now that they have imposed that 50 pound weight limit on our luggage....not to mention paying big bucks for each bag.  I am pretty certain that a man decided that weight limit.  For a week long trip, Dave can take a pair of dress pants, a pair of shorts, khaki's, a couple of shirts, a little underwear, socks and a pair of shoes.

I am a different story.  Just my cosmetic case alone could weigh 50 pounds.  I take things that I need....AND, that I might need.....just in case I find myself stranded somewhere and there isn't a drugstore in sight.

Who am I kidding?  There is a CVS, Walgreen's, and Rite-Aid on every corner in America!

Have a harmonious day everyone....  Ohmmmmmmm.....Yeah, right.  : )

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