Monday, July 05, 2010

I felt like a teenager who eats leftover pizza for breakfast.... I sat at the counter early this morning eating some crabmeat spread on crackers with a side of corn pudding!

Why is it that leftovers always taste sooo good the next day?

These were just two of the items from our delicious 4th of July get-together last night...Just a few friends and lots of food=a great time!

So, hundreds of calories later, I am still thinking about the spread from last night...besides the crabmeat appetizer, I had garbanzo bean/sun-dried tomato spread with veggies for the healthy minded. Dave cooked his "low and slow" ribs for hours and slathered them with his two homemade sauces while I split some cornish game hens and grilled them with my own sweet bar-b-que sauce from an award winning recipe. The sides that I made were chopped cucumber, tomato, onion, greek olive and feta cheese salad and cornbread pudding...while my friends brought over potato salad, slaw, key lime pie, chocolate covered ice cream balls and banana pudding. All of this was topped off with some fresh watermelon slices. Of course, who really wants to eat watermelon when you have those other delicious desserts??!?!

The "theme" of sorts was an indoor picnic as I set the table with a red checkered cloth, bandana napkins, American flags as well as some plastic bugs to give it an outdoorsy feel!

Dave had surprised me with some very cheesy fun patriotic banners and flags as well as red, white and blue bowties for each of pictured above. We took some ribbing from our friends....but, hey, we certainly had the 4th of July spirit!

I hope that you all had a safe and spirited holiday, too! : )


Tabor said...

Hubby and I have been sick for several days, so the 4th came and went with just a few fireworks from our neighbors on the water. You food sounded so good. I could eat that for breakfast, if I was feeling better.

pam said...

Hi there, I sure do enjoy reading your blog.
Thank you,
Pam in Arizona

Grammie said... sorry to hear that you and hubby have been under the weather...feel better soon!

Welcome, Pam...thanks so much for your visit and your sweet comment...
: )