Monday, July 12, 2010

Me and my "kiddie" car

The parts for my damaged car finally came, I headed down to the body shop first thing this morning.

The "joint was jammin'"!

I guess that I wasn't the only one who was in a car accident recently... !

Finally, a gentleman came for me and we went out to my brand new Subaru (aka "Subie-do"). He handed me a million papers to sign and then I went back in to the office to await the used car people who were scheduled to come and pick me up.

As I glanced out the window I saw them driving my Subie-do into the work area. I swear, it was like I was sending my child off to college as I sadly watched it going in.

About an hour later, no one from the car rental place had, one of the workers at the body shop ended up driving two of us over there. So much for Enterprise's door to door service!

Once there, we again had to wait for quite a bit. It seems that Mondays are the day that people are returning, they didn't have many on their lot.

Eventually, we were again transported....this time to another Enterprise location....where we again sat and waited....and waited.

I jumped when my name was called and I was escorted to my awaiting rental car. I thought that it looked small. No, it wasn't just looked like a toy one of those that you see in a carnival ride going round and round....or the kind that the clowns would ride around in....

Maybe I am just used to my own car....but on this car everything was manual; the windows were roll up, the side mirrors had to be moved by sticking your hand out the window and pushing it, the locks were just push buttons....and, the weirdest thing was that the speedometer was off to the side instead of right in front of you.

Knowing that the other guy's insurance was supposed to be paying for an "intermediate" car...I questioned the gentleman about it. He confirmed that this minnie car was indeed an intermediate car.

So, I put on my clown nose and got in!

(Just case any of you own a Toyota Yaris!)

It turns out that the car was definitely not the one that the insurance paid for me to have....this cute little thing was actually their compact car...and, it is definitely compact.

I think that I am getting a bigger one tomorrow! : )

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