Tuesday, August 03, 2010

And so, the adventure begins....

Today will be spent watering plants, filling my bird feeder, stopping mail/papers, checking alarm system, alerting my neighbors, packing....etc. etc. etc.

Tomorrow morning I am off.

First stop, Delaware, where I will meet up with Dave, have dinner with his family, and then spend the night at his mom's house. Early Thursday morning we will drive approximately 5 hours to our final destination, Skaneateles (pronounced skinny-at-alas), New York, where my sister and her hubby await in their beautiful summer home there.

When the weekend is over, he and my brother-in-law will head home....and I will remain as my other sisters and Mom join us in "Skinny"....... as it is affectionately called by the natives there.

I am not sure what the eight days of family togetherness will bring about for the five of us....but, I feel certain that it will be quite an adventure! 

I am sure that there will never be a dull moment as five women of varied ages and personalities celebrate being family.....together.

I will post whenever I can so that you can join me on this fun trip....so, hang on and enjoy the ride....more to come!  : )



Granny Annie said...

Be careful and have fun:)

Marie said...

Have a great vacation. You don't look like a grandma :-)))