Friday, August 06, 2010

So far, so good.... : )

The flight in to Philadelphia was smooth and easy except for the landing.  We were runnning about 25 minutes late so the pilot decided to "make up the time"....and he did!!  We were going so fast that I thought that I was on the shuttle, heading to the moon.  As we approached the landing strip we all kind of braced ourselves.... quietly saying a little prayer  that this ship had good brakes!

All was well in Delaware as I got to visit with most of Dave's family during my short stay......and, then, Thursday morning we headed out by car to Skaneateles, New York, where my baby sister and her hubby were awaiting our arrival.

The drive was beautiful....rolling hills...lots of farmland....rows and rows of corn....peaceful and relaxing.  We even found a quaint little Italian place to stop for lunch.  It looked like a "joint" as it sat amongst other stores in a little strip mall....but, once inside, there was a whole different feeling. 

Things didn't get off to a good start when I accidentally knocked over all of the toothpicks that were neatly in place in a container on the counter....followed by my being "stuck" in the ladies room when the door would not open.  The good news was that the toothpicks were individually wrapped...and, I did eventually force my way out of the bathroom.  I think that by then Dave was pretending not to know me!

Anyway, the sandwiches were yummy...and we were glad that we had stopped there.

Arriving in "Skinny" to my sister's summer home was great fun as we quickly relaxed and let the laughing begin.  Dinner out was delish...and, then we headed home to an early bedtime....looking forward to another day of adventure today.....

...more to come.

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