Friday, September 17, 2010

So, my 24 hour Holter monitor event is over.

The little unit with all of the information on my heart has been turned in...and, I will hear the results next Wednesday when I see the cardiologist.

Ironically, yesterday turned out to be one of those days that I had hardly any chest flutters. You know the go to the doctor about a pain and when you get there, the pain is gone!

So, as I mentioned yesterday....I ate a bunch of M & M's and even asked Dave to try and "aggravate" me last night...just to see if I could get a palpitation going from stress or caffeine...

But, I couldn't.

Oh, I might have had a minor whisper of a flutter...but, nothing of any importance.

 Now I am wondering if they will be able to get a good "reading" from my day. I hope so because I'd rather not have to go "bionic" again.

 Of course, the very, very good news is.... the caffeine in the chocolate M & M's didn't cause any palpitations.

 Yessssss! : ) 
Bring on the chocolate!

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