Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I had an interesting discussion with my hairdresser today....

We were talking about labels that we get throughout life that may or may not define us.  It really got me thinking about how those labels change through the years as well as change how we are perceived by others..... and how that made me feel.

Early on I was someone's "daughter" which also identified me as one of the "girls" since there were four of us in my family...with no boys.  I was also someone's younger/older sister.  This "younger sister" label mostly occurred as I was going through school since I was three years behind my oldest sister.  It wasn't until she graduated and I entered high school that I was really able to have more of my own identity.

In college I immediately pledged a sorority....thus becoming known as a "D Phi E sister".. Also at college I began to date my now ex, and I became known as his "girlfriend"...which eventually changed to his "wife".

I taught school and became the "teacher".

I met new people in my life and became a "friend"....and later on a "Girlie".

My children were born and I was now known as a "mother".

My art work gave me the title "artist"....and then "potter".

When my sons married, I was known as the "mother-in-law" to their wives.

I think that one of the most difficult titles that I was given was when I got divorced.  After being a "wife" for so many years of my life, I now became an "ex-wife". That was probably the first title that I received that I didn't want  to define who I was...and, that was not an easy task.

Of course, when Dave came into my life, I again became a "girlfriend".

While I still have almost all of the above titles, at this point in my life I am definitely, happily labeled a "grandmother". I absolutely love this latest title and  hearing it makes me smile inside.

Along with being a grandmother, I am also now labeled a "senior citizen"....and, I can't say that I have enthusiastically embraced that one quite yet!

 But, all of these titles;  "daughter, sister, one of the girls, D Phi E sister, teacher, friend, mother, artist, potter, mother-in-law, girlfriend, Girlie, wife, ex-wife, girlfriend, grandmother, senior citizen" etc. etc...... make me wonder if there is ever a time that I will not be labeled and, instead, just be plain old "me" ???

 *sigh*  : )

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Tabor said...

Don't let a label define you. I love the label grandmother...but I am so much more!