Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm heading to this..... : O

Minneapolis Weather for Today

Rain / Snow / Wind


36 degrees
Feels like: 23 degrees

Wind from SW at 25 mph
gusting to 40 mph

I just got the latest weather update on Minneapolis.  Interesting, eh?

Luckily, things should calm down a bit when I fly in around 5 pm tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, we were hit with some severe weather here in Alabama.  The weathermen were on the air for a majority of the night as there were several tornado watches and warnings throughout the afternoon and evening.

Fortunately, I just had some heavy rain....and, some wind, here in my neighborhood.

It seems that Mother Nature is in a frenzy lately!!!!! Maybe "Father Nature" has gotten on her nerves?!
Bad weather or not, I am so looking forward to spending Halloween with Adam, Jenny, Owen and Audrey!!!!!!!!!!  I have packed my pirate costume as well as some warm clothing...and I am ready to go!

Tomorrow cannot come soon enough....

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone...and don't eat all of your trick or treat candy before the kids even come to your door! : )