Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eye(ball) to Eye(ball)

I am leaving for Minneapolis Thursday afternoon....and, even though I had told the kids that I would take Owen and Audrey to a toy store while there....I couldn't resist getting them a couple of things from home...I am a Grammie after all!

So, as I picked out a couple of items for them, I  noticed this huge basket of eyeballs about the size of large marbles.

These were not ordinary fake eyeballs....these roll around inside of the plastic outer case....and, when they knock up against something, they begin to flash different, bright colors! Such craziness.....I had to buy a couple for Owen and Audrey.

Of course, while I was picking out two of them I accidentally knocked the entire basket over and eyeballs were rolling everywhere....and flashing!  I couldn't stop laughing as I picked them up and placed them back into the basket where they became a conglomeration of pulsating, light-flashing eyeballs.  It was quite a sight.

I am sure that they were glad when I finished up my shopping and left the store.


It is in the 80's in Birmingham today.  Storms are predicted for later on this afternoon....but, this seems tame compared to what is going on in the midwest for the next couple of days.  The weather report for Minneapolis on Thursday is windy, rainy, very cold...with a slight chance of some frozen precipitation mixed in with the rain.



I went to the bank today to get some cash for the trip and noticed a sign on the door.  It said: "Happy Halloween! Please remove your mask before entering."

At first I thought that it was a little holiday joke, but later found out the seriousness of the sign. 

Of course the bank doesn't want anyone coming in with their face covered! What was I thinking? Robbers beware..no trick or treating at the bank.



I got my flu shot this morning.  I figured that it was a good idea since I was going to be spending time around my grandkids.

When I got it last year my arm became so sore that I couldn't lift it up at all. I am hoping that the same thing doesn't occur this time. 

After all, I have some serious hugging to do when I get up to Minneapolis!  I can't wait...

: )


Susan Adcox said...

Loved the eyeball story! I could just see the flashing eyeballs rolling everywhere.

Have a great time with the grands!

Tabor said...

They will love the eyeballs...I must look for something like that. Have a safe trip.