Monday, October 25, 2010

Never go to the store when you are hungry....

I ran into Target this afternoon to buy a few things for my Thursday trip to Minneapolis when my "afternoon hunger" kicked in. I should have known better...but, I headed to the grocery part of the store.

I found myself in the cookie aisle (what a surprise?!) perusing what was available for a quick snack.  I spotted a box of cookies that was made with whole wheat flour, all organic, and very low in fat and calories.
My interest was piqued as I read more of the side panel information.

I couldn't believe what I saw next.....a serviing of these cute chocolate chip, honey, and chocolate rabbit cookies was 30 delectable morsels!!  30!!  Wow.

I pictured myself slowly savoring a huge amount of these delicious cookies and totally satisfying my sweet tooth.

Then I opened the box.....




I saw......

They were the teensy, tiniest little cookies that I had ever seen!

No wonder that it took 30 to make one serving.

I felt a bit deceived....but,

I ate them anyway.....all thirty of them.  Mmmm.  : )

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Granny Annie said...

You are probably not familiar with communion wafers but they are tiny little paper-thin rounds and I believe they might be more filling than these bunnies. I'm afraid I would cry foul when I opened the box. Not even as big as animal crackers!!!