Saturday, October 09, 2010

The tale of the squid...

Lunch, yesterday, was interesting if nothing else.

My "Frommer's Guide to San Francisco" had mentioned a great place to eat while in Sausalito....right on the bay, it was appropriately called "Fish".  This bustling restaurant had an interesting menu and Dave and I decided to order two things that we both liked and share them. 

We were all set to get the fried oysters and the fish tacos.....UNTIL, I overheard a man order something with calamari.  It   piqued my interest, so I asked him about what he had just ordered.  His answer was something that wasn't even on the menu, but sounded kind of good to me. And, he said that it was "Delicious, to die for!"

"Let's be adventurous" I said to Dave.

So, we decided on the oyster dish and the grilled calamari on top of a mixed greens salad....

When the huge bowl of salad was put down in front of me I did a double take.  Staring up at me were a ginormous amount of raw looking squid.....some were just like rolled up pieces but some were the actual little legs, etc.  They almost looked like plastic as they sat there on top of my otherwise normal looking salad. For a moment I thought that I was on "Survivor" where they are forced to eat raw foods as part of a challenge.

But, I took on the challenge and began to make my way through the rubbery little creatures that were inhabiting my lovely salad.

It took a lot of chewing and a lot of getting used to the texture of these little things...but I managed to eat about two thirds of them.

My stomach never felt the same the whole rest of the day.

Maybe that was why the gentleman said that they were "to die for".

: O

(by the way, Dave's oysters were absolutely delicious!!!)

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adam said...

Love the blog posts. Smiling for you guys and this great adventure. Keep having a blast!!