Thursday, December 16, 2010

My morning alone with Celia started out with blueberry pancakes..... a local restaurant.  The waiter was not sure that he should bring this tiny two year old the whole order with two big pancakes...but, I told him to go ahead...(thinking that I could always eat the extras if need be!).

Well, that little thing ate every single bite of those pancakes without batting an eye.

Never underestimate a two year old's appetite!   : )

From there we went to an indoor play area for kids.  Since I don't know my way around this area, I geared up my GPS system in hopes that it would get me to where I needed to go.

Without going into too many details.....all I can say is that I continually heard: "Recalculating, recalculating" as I pretty much drove around in circles. 

But, we did finally get there and as we walked up the sidewalk some snow flurries had started to fall. I was a bit concerned about the drive back home....but, threw caution to the wind and we went on in so that Celia could play.

This was basically a huge room filled with fun things for kids to do....there was a shopping area, a kitchen, a train and tracks, a dress up area, lots of things to climb on, play with, create with, put together, or push. Celia went immediately to the kitchen and grocery area...while I sat and watched. 

A little six year old girl took to Celia and began to play with her.  She was wonderful and they had a lot of fun together.  I laughed out loud watching the girl go down the "car slide" where you sat inside a large plastic
car, rolled down the slide onto the floor where you then "traveled" until either the car came to a stop or ran into some bean bag chairs at the end.  The little girl raised both arms up in the air as her car came careening down the slide.  Celia must have decided that it looked like fun because, sure enough, when it was her turn to go down in the car, up went her little arms waving wildly in the air as the car finally rolled to a stop.

And, she did this again and again and again and again.....

....and AGAIN!

By now it was getting late and time to head back home.

As we made our way outside, it seemed as if quite a bit of snow had fallen.  I drove home very, very I wasn't very sure of myself on slick roads....and, I knew that I had very precious cargo in the back seat!

Well,we made it home safely....

But, by then, I didn't know if Celia was ready for her midday nap....but, Grammie certainly was!

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