Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The wind was howling outside....

...but, we were all warm and cozy inside last night. Celia was happily playing and Dylan was alternating between eating, sleeping, playing, cooing, and pooping. : )

I am getting the privilege of snooping on family life here at my son and daughter-in-law's home...and, I am experiencing the love and joy that emanates from everywhere and everyone.

I've been amazed at Mommy Janet's patience with Celia's many questions and requests. Celia is healthily (is that a word?) interested in everything around her....as is appropros for a two year old. And, she wants to share everything that she does with Mommy and Daddy....to the point of taking one of their hands, pulling them away from whatever they are doing, and saying over and over again: "Come with me! Come with me!"  And, they happily comply.

Janet allows Celia the opportunity to pick out her wardrobe for day care complete with a hairband from her  very own "accessories" drawer.  Then comes the boots or sneaker decision...pink or purple jacket?....pink hat or hood? etc.....all left up to a very pleased Celia!

Daddy Jeffrey walks in from a long day at work and immediately gives his attention and energy to the kids....especially big sister Celia who greets him with enthusiasm as he walks in the door. He makes her laugh so easily and I just sit and smile at my second born son being a wonderful daddy.

I have had several "tea parties" with Celia where we pretend to dine on wooden sandwiches and tea.  The other night the setting changed from upstairs to the basement where we sat in a tent and dined. Getting in the tent was hard enough....and, getting out proved laughable.

But, I wouldn't change a single moment of temporary discomfort for the joy that I am feeling. : )

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Tabor said...

What fun. I can imagine. No photos of you emerging from the tent?