Thursday, January 06, 2011


When I got back in town from my trip, I noticed that the pool outside was very low on water.  It was about a foot and a half lower than it should have been and that concerned me.  So, I began to slowly fill it back up with water to make sure that there wasn't a leak somewhere and this was just due to the lack of rain in the last month or so.

Today, after running the water into the pool for about three hours, it finally reached the skimmers.  That meant that I could now go and turn the pump back on.  As I headed back there to the pump I heard the sound of water rushing. This was not a good sign.

It turns out that one of the pipes that went from the pool to the filter was totally cracked wide open and the water that I had been putting into the pool was flowing right back out!

I can't wait to see my water bill this coming month. *groan*
Well, the local weather forecasters are all in a tizzy tonight at they are predicting freezing rain and snow here starting Sunday into Monday.

I'll believe it when I see it.....but, in the meantime, I will probably head to the grocery store and stock up on some chocolate and wine....just in case!
: )
I am drowning in paper work lately.  I have all of this "end of the year" stuff to go sales taxes to deal with...and my quarterly income tax payment.  This is on top of property taxes, a new washer and dryer and a brand spanking new heating/air conditioning system.

This is not  a good way to start 2011....
Dave and I had a strange dinner tonight.  I decided to try something a little different so I sauteed onions and mushrooms and then added some cream cheese/mayo to the mix.  The whole thing was then spooned into some wonton wrappers that were stuffed down into my cupcake pan and then baked.

The edges got crispy but the rest of it was pretty soggy.

It would probably have been a good appetizer....not so much for dinner.

Back to the drawing board.
Back to the dentist tomorrow morning to have a small filling done in one of my crowns.

Oh, joy!

Something to look forward to, eh?
Have a nice rest of the evening, All.

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Susan Adcox said...

How I hate paperwork! I don't think living used to require so much of it.