Friday, January 07, 2011

More etc.

The weathermen are still predicting lots of snow for us late Sunday into Monday.  The last I heard was anywhere from 3-8".  If that really happens, the entire city will shut down.  That's what happens in the South when the flakes drop from the sky.

The snow would be nice, but I'm not particularly thrilled about the possibility of freezing rain and ice....which is also in the forecast.

Of course, the first thing that one thinks of when snow is coming is going to the grocery store.  So I guess that I will do that tomorrow.  Not sure what I will be purchasing, but, it is a tradition, after all. I will probably stock up on some good junk food. Yeah.

Better dinner tonight than last night.  Homemade pizza!  I use that delicious yeasty crust that comes in a bag and rises when it is out of the refrigerator....roll it out.....make a line down the middle.....Dave puts his toppings on his side and I do mine.

Tonight's pizza for me was: pesto sauce, feta cheese and fresh mushrooms and spinach.  Dave's choices were tomato sauce, pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, spinach, and lots of mozzarella.  I only had fat free cheese in the, there were a few moans about that.

My dentist appointment went well this morning even though the novacaine didn't really take like it should have.  I told the dentist to go ahead and drill anyway.  It wasn't too bad....but, I don't really recommend it.
I just winced a little.

I got out a little bit from under all of my paper work.  Quarterly taxes have been paid. Sales taxes have been filed. Next on the agenda will be getting stuff ready for the accountant for my 2010 income taxes....and filing all of my medicine charges with Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

I wish that I could just hire someone to do all of this for me.

Two things that I read about today that made me say: "HUH?"

The first one was that Donald Trump is considering running for President of the U.S. I hope that he was kidding.

The second one was John Edward's announcement that he is engaged to Rielle, the woman that he had an affair AND a baby with while still married. Elizabeth's passing was so recent...couldn't he have waited a bit?
All I can think about are those poor kids....what must they be feeling?!

Going to an afternoon college basketball game with friends tomorrow.  The game starts at 3 o'clock.  I figure that we will be going to dinner around 5-5:30.

Sounds like the Senior Early Bird Special to me...!

:  )

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Susan Adcox said...

I'm interested in the pizza dough. What brand do you use?