Saturday, January 15, 2011

There I was....staring at this incredible sight....

....watching as the basket went round and round while water continued to pour in.

Yes, I was watching my brand new front loading, energy efficient, washing machine.

I couldn't help it. This brand new "toy" of mine was fascinating to watch.

Dave brought over a huge comforter for me to try out in my new appliances.  As I stuffed it into the machine, I was concerned about how big it was.  But, I went ahead and pressed the "start" button and observed this new washer in action.

So, there I was....mesmerized by a washing machine. :  ]

First it got the entire thing wet.  Then it began to actually wash it.  It turned one way....stopped....and then turned in the opposite direction.  It was "riveting" watching this occur. (ok, a little sarcasm here)

When the cycle was over....I stuffed the comforter into the dryer...and, that was where the "magic" happened.  The setting was  "bulky load" and it did its thing.

Bottom line is that the comforter came out fluffy and fresh.

I think that this may be the beginning of a wonderful, new relationship...... :  )

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