Friday, January 14, 2011

They came, they assembled, they left......

My new washer and dryer (finally) arrived yesterday afternoon.

They took out the old.....and brought in the.....


Holy Cow!  Now what do I do?????

A lot of changes have occurred in appliances in the last 20 years and I am quite intimidated by it all.  I feel like I have a mini-laundromat in my home.  I'm almost expecting other people to come over with their laundry for me to do.

I began to read the manuals for both of these huge machines last night....but, finally put them away and went to bed....dizzy with so many instructions going through my head.

These new energy efficient front loading appliances are big....and, they use different detergent than I am used to....and have a cleaning tablet to use once a month.....and there are so many settings to pick from that I really don't know where to start.

I know that the first thing that I must do is run the washer through an entire setting with soap, but no clothing.

Now, that I can do. 

It is when I actually have to wash real clothing that I get concerned....

: O


Beverly said...


Susan Adcox said...

What a beautiful setup! You'll soon wonder how you got along without them.

Granny Annie said...

My last washer and dryer came from Ralph's not Sears. This set has been with me five years and the previous set we bought is in the house we sold in Kansas. We paid $75 for both sets. Ralph repairs discarded and broken washers and dryers:)

Maybe I covet your new appliances and maybe I don't. (I do, I do, I do)