Thursday, February 10, 2011

I couldn't sleep last night.... I went from window to window to watch the beautiful snow flakes falling from the sky.

There is something so magical about turning on an outside light and seeing the sparkling reflection of the whiteness clinging to the tree limbs and coating the shrubs. In fact, there is something very spiritual to me about watching snow fall.

It took me back to a time many, many years ago....

I was a newlywed living in a fourth story apartment in Radcliffe, Kentucky.  Having been brought up in South Florida, snow was not something that I was accustomed, when it occasionally snowed there, I was mesmerized.

My memory is so vivid as I can still remember standing at the window, looking into the backyard of the apartment complex and watching the snow fall.  Tears would come to my eyes as I began to see the landscape completely covered in white. It was almost as though it could cover up any ugliness in the world.  There I was, a Florida girl, moved by the incredibly lovely snowfall.....crying joyful tears.

So, when snow was forecast here last night....I grabbed my camera and, in my  pajamas, I headed outside to capture the beauty. I don't think that the photos do it justice....but, here is some of what I saw:

It was worth every moment of sleeplessness.

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Susan Adcox said...

I've never lost my sense of wonder about certain things--snow, the ocean, mountains, a field of bluebonnets. Some things one can never tire of.