Friday, February 11, 2011

Some things that I will NOT be packing as I head to Minnesota in a week...

1.) A bathing suit.
2.) flip flops
3.) sunscreen with spf 30
4.) sleeveless outfits
5.) straw hat

However, with the temperatures hovering in the teens, twenties, and below (brrr?), I will certainly pack:

1.) long undies
2.) warm gloves
3.) heavy coats
3.) flannel pj's
4.) a book on indoor activities to do with my grandkids
5.) boots

Yep, a week from today I will be going to babysit Owen and Audrey for a week up in Minnesota, or as I like to call it, visiting "The Tundra".  The other grandma and I will, thankfully, be doing this together. We will stay bundled up as we keep the kids occupied and dinners for them every night....reading stories....playing games.....and continuously playing with toys, toys, and more toys!  When we finally put them to bed, we will collapse in exhaustion as we sip our wine and eat popcorn because we will be too tired to cook anything for ourselves. I know, because we have done this before.

All of this while my son and daughter-in-law travel to warm and toasty Mexico where they will be sipping margaritas while lying by the pool....resting in hammocks and watching the sunset over the lovely resort where they will be staying. They will dine out and catch up on their sleep....etc. etc.

What's wrong with this picture?!?!?!

(Just kidding, Adam and Jenny....I truly can't wait to get those two kids in my arms and never let them go. You both deserve this well-earned break.  Thank you for trusting your moms with your most precious possessions!  Just make sure that your heater is working and that the wine is chilling! xoxo)

:  )

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