Thursday, March 31, 2011

2 days away from home....

...while my new hardwood floors dry!

I will be heading back home tomorrow morning as they have promised me that my floors will be ready to be walked on...and, that the fumes will have subsided enough for me to be able to breathe comfortable.

So, in the meantime, I have been hanging out at Dave's house. The first night here, he made me a delicious pasta dinner....(A girl could get used to that!) And then tonight I made a panko crusted salmon to add to the leftover pasta.

Through all of my craziness.....we are certainly eating well! : )

One of my fellow bloggers, Clara, asked me about American Idol this year.  I normally post more about the show as it proceeds....but, I guess that my flood has trumped reviews of the show!

However, I have been watching it religiously....and, thoroughly enjoying it!

I think that it is a great (and, eclectic) group this year....with lots of talent. My favorites are Haley, Pia, and Paul.  Somehow, Paul ended up in the bottom three this week....but wasn't eliminated.  I guess that not everyone is a fan of his Rod Stewart whispery voice?! I like it....but, then, I am 62 years old and prefer softer sounds to blaring rock and roll these days.

Did I really just say that? 

Oh, Lord, I am getting old.

Well, it's off to bed for me....I need to begin thinking about what tricks I will play on friends tomorrow for April Fool's Day!

I guess that I'm not really that old if I can still enjoy being a bit foolish....right?
: )


Granny Annie said...

For our first three years together Ron did almost all of the cooking. I guess he feels like he got me properly trained and I've had chef duty the last 10 years:) The kids and grandkids still ask "who is cooking?" when they visit, in hope Ron will make his delicious Ribs and sauerkraut or his fried rice which they call Rice-A-Ronnie:) TN said...

I thought you MUST be watching Idol in spite of all your misfortune with the flood. I like Haley too. Have you seen that she is dating Casey? I thought she looked awfully when the judges saved him. I have a feeling Scotty is going to win! We don't have a lot longer to find out!!!! Hang in there Grammie. You will feel like you are in a new house when all is finished. I'm going to get a new (metal) roof. Can't wait. TN said...

I meant to say Haley look awfull HAPPY.....I left out the HAPPY part. ;--)