Sunday, April 03, 2011

The view from here?

Notice anything in this photo that I took today?

Yep.  It is one of the painters working here today in an effort to get things finished up sooner rather than later. This has been a "beat the clock" effort as I am trying to get my house back together before leaving town in eight days.  When I return, some of my family will be arriving for a week as soon as I return..... : )

The painters drove in from Athens, Georgia, and have done an amazing job....but, there is soooo much more to do.  Shoe molding. Doors painted. Second coats on the walls. Etc. Etc.

Dust needs to be cleaned out in every nook and and rugs moved back hung back on the walls....all items returned to the shelves, etc. etc.

Will all of the etceteras ever get done?????

: O


Granny Annie said...

Now that's a fun picture. I studied carefully and did notice a splash of red but didn't even notice it was connected to a person standing on the ladder.

Tabor said...

At first I thought it was the only way you could get up to your second floor these days!