Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally, I can hear myself think.... the noisy, super dooper, heavy duty fans and dehumidifiers were turned off and carried away today.  My floor is dry! My floor is dry! Hallelujah, my floor is dry! : )

Now that the sub-flooring has been removed and dried, the next step is to prepare the floors for the tile and the hardwood.  Both decisions have been made and the materials have been, things are moving along.

The dust in the house is beyond incredible.  I am breathing it and, probably even eating a bit of it! It has settled on to everything that is exposed and, even though I wipe everything down daily, it is really a fruitless task...but, I do it anyway.

As I try to focus on the end of all of this mess and getting my house back....I turn on the television and see horrific photos of the devastation from the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan...and, I realize how very fortunate I truly am.  I can't even imagine what the people over there are going through as they watch their homes wash away.  Their destruction is of such a great magnitude, it is difficult for me to wrap my mind around it all.

Suddenly, my flood damage seems pretty inconsequential.

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