Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three **Alta Cockas**and a Car

(**Alta Cocka** is Yiddish for "old people")

I called Mom today so that I could get caught up on what was going on at The Home.  I have had trouble getting in touch with her lately and I teasingly said, "So, you get a boyfriend and now you are never around to talk with me anymore!"  She laughed, since she knew that  it was true. She probably realized  that I was grinning when I said it as her new friendships have given me more happiness than I can measure.

It seems as if Mom, her "boyfriend", and his best friend, went for a spin yesterday.  Her boyfriend is the only one in the group who has a car and who can drive.  He was needing to have some physical therapy outside of The Home.... and Mom and the friend went along for the ride.

At one point, Mom said that she had a hankering for something sweet.  (Well, she didn't say "hankering", but I decided to add a little Southern touch to the story.)  The men agreed and left it up to her to find a place.

Excitedly, she told me that they went to Burger King to get Smoothies.  I never heard my mom quite that enthusiastic for a Smoothie....but, then there are a lot of things that Mom says lately that I  I haven't ever heard before!!

When they arrived at the Burger King, Mom saw a picture of something new that they now carried: caramel sundaes!  Not being able to resist, she ordered one while her two cohorts stayed with the original "Smoothie plan".

"Well," she said to me sounding like a giggly little girl, "that was the most delicious thing that I ever ate!" My generally low-key mom was beyond joyous as she described her ice cream delicacy.  She even told me that she licked the bowl clean.....oh my.

Who is this lady who calls herself my mother.....and what have they done with my real mom???????

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June Calender said...

Hurray for your mom! The seniors are real live people too, no matter how senior. Some attention from the opposite sex can really sparkle up a day and I'm glad you mom's enjoying it. Forget the somewhat ageist alte cocke bit -- it's time for a new vocabulary. How about hot and happy mom? [after all she's got two, count them, one, two men escorting her to Burger King]

1000myths said...

Shakespeare wrote, "It's a wise child that knows its own father" Maybe you don't really your mother at all.

1000myths said...

Maybe you really don't know...

Grammie said...

Thanks for your comments.
Oh, I do know my mother very well....but, hadn't seen this side of her in a long time....and, it makes me quite joyous!
The "alta cocka" phrase was actually taken from what Mom said to me...and then we both had a good laugh.
: )