Wednesday, March 02, 2011

First there was the flood....then the hail....then the phone, cable and computer....what's next?

Am I experiencing plagues or is it just bad luck?
That is what it is feeling like these days....
The back of the refrigerator caused a pretty massive flood in my home while I was out of town.
Now, I wake up to the lovely "glass-breaking" sounds of tile being removed from my kitchen floor as well as
loud hammering and electric sawing of my den hardwood  floors being ripped from the sub-flooring.
When the truck arrived yesterday to pick up my furniture so that the destruction could begin, they accidentally tore the cable line which meant that I had no phone, computer, or television for most of the day. (Of course, my biggest concern was that I might miss American Idol! ha!!)
Like all of life's little blips......this too shall pass.

More to come.... : (

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Susan Adcox said...

Just focus on how lovely it will look when it is all done. I'm sure it was lovely to start with, but a freshening up never hurts.