Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm sitting here upstairs eating a bowl of soup and a "side" of popcorn....

and thinking about expectations and perfection and priorities and other such words that are coming to my mind......while my new tile flooring is being arranged and measured in the kitchen.

After looking at quite a few million tiles at several different flooring establishments, I finally made a decision. Since the flood afforded me the opportunity to change from my 25 year old 8 inch pinkish  (yes, I said "pinkish"!) mauve tiles, I tried to look for something that was a bit more updated. A decision was made on a 16 inch textured tile that incorporated the taupe and beige tones in my kitchen as well as coordinating with the black accents that were used to tone down the pinkish mauve.

I had three sample tiles to place on 500 square feet of flooring (kitchen and sunroom).  This wasn't very much to go on....but, I threw caution to the wind and had the contractor order them.

They finally arrived today and as a case was opened for me to see.....I realized that these tiles did not really look like the samples that I had gone by.  They were basically the same feel, but these had a lot of creamy, pale yellow running through them. It made quite a difference in the individual tiles.

After a few moments of silent angst, the contractor asked me if I was okay.

"Yes," I responded, "I just have to get used to this look that is quite different from what I had expected."

He asked me if I wanted to send them back and start all over again.

At this point I told him a resounding "no".  "It will be okay," I I began to put things into perspective.  This is a floor.  This floor will have a rug, a couch, a little table as well as a round dining table and chairs and stools.  My art work will be up as well as all of the little touches that make this my home.  The floor is just background....and, it will be an interesting and pretty, brand new floor.

My expectations of some sort of "perfection" were initially keeping me from letting go of what I had thought and anticipated....and, instead I found myself  taking a chance on what it could be.

So, as I sit here eating popcorn and soup (don't knock it until you try it!) I am feeling content with my ability to be a little less cautious (rigid?) and a bit more adventurous as I embark on this journey of replacing old with new.

And, who knows?  I may even leave some of my pinkish mauve accessories out  for old times sake.

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Tabor said...

It is just tile. Not the perfect color, but you will grow to love it.