Monday, April 25, 2011

Hating good-byes...

With every "hello" comes a "good-bye".... and today was no exception. 

Mom and Karen left at noon to head back to Florida and I miss them already.

I miss the laughter, the spontaneous singing, seeing them come down the stairs every morning, staying in our pj's all morning, eating, eating, eating!, playing Mah Jongg together, toasting each other with our glasses of wine every night, sitting outside and just talking about anything and everything, shopping, and just "being"..........together. 

I am counting the days until I fly down there the first of June for Karen's son's engagement party...

Love you both!


Grandma Mary said...

Families are a wonderful thing. It sure is a shame that some mess it up and don't enjoy that blessing.
Just wanted to tell you that you lifted my spirits with this post.
Hugs, Mary

Grammie said...

You are so right....thank you so much for your wonderful comment!