Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The laundry is done....the guest beds are re-made....the dishes are put away.....

...but, the memories remain....what a wonderful week!

Thanks for making the trip, Mom, Karen and Marty! : )
More severe storms are headed our way today and tomorrow!  It looks like it is going to
be a "memorable" spring....not the kind of memories that one wants, however!

You can actually feel it in the weather today...that heavy, oppressive feeling right before a front
moves in and churns things up.

Time to batten down the hatches, I guess.

As part of the never-ending post-flood work being done on my house, today I had my ducts cleaned out.  This is an interesting (!) process as their humongous machinery is set up in my garage to begin vacuuming
out dust and other debris.

Then, once their machine got going... they kept blowing a fuse causing my phones to stop working and the lights downstairs to go out.

After they "sucked" out the stuff in the ducts, they began to show me how very dangerous dirty ducts can be.
By the time that they were finished giving me their "song and dance" about what else I needed to have done.... I was almost afraid to breathe in my own home.

I told you that it was an interesting process!  : O

A week from Friday, Dave and I will be taking our annual trip to the Kentucky Derby.
He got tickets for the Oaks which is the Ladies Race on Friday.  We land in Louisville early Friday and will head right to Churchill Downs. We head to Lexington for the actual Derby on Saturday where we will stay with his friends....sip mint juleps and bet on the horses at the Lexington Track.

Always lots of fun.....just hoping that the weather holds out this year for all of these outdoor events.
More on all of that later.
Doorbell is ringing.
It must be the alarm system technician.
Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that my alarm system is on the fritz....
and, did I mention that my ice maker decided to stop making ice cubes all of a sudden....

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Susan Adcox said...

Isn't it crazy how many things can go wrong in a "modern" home?

Enjoy your Kentucky Derby trip. I've always wanted to go!