Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore....

I am sitting here at the computer as I am one of the few lucky ones in the area who still has power.  It is very dark and oppressive outside with occasional strong gusts of wind as we are preparing for possible strong storms and tornadoes this afternoon and evening.

It is an eerie feeling as I listen to the weathermen (on every channel) reporting that large and dangerous tornadoes that are all around Birmingham.  So far, most of them are a bit north of us...but, they are saying that that will change soon.

Reports of destruction in cities to the north of me are pretty frightening.  I know that there have already been 5 fatalities in Alabama.  Hopefully, this number will not grow.

I have pillows, a blanket, a flashlight, bottled water, cell phone, my ipad (!), and some magazines down in my basement where I will head if the sirens begin to go off in my county.  I am thinking that I should maybe add some wine to my list of "supplies"!

There go the sirens as the tornado seems to be heading to Jefferson County which is where I live.

So, I will end for now.  Head downstairs....and, who knows? I might even see "The Wizard"!

Be safe everyone.

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Granny Annie said...

Little did you know of what was to come......