Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Tragic Day in Alabama

My heart is breaking over the loss of life and horrific destruction that has taken place here.

As mile long, dangerous tornadoes swirled in counties to the west and north of me, I watched the horror unfold on my television. ( I was one of just a few fortunate people who still had power!)  It was absolutely amazing to see and I couldn't seem to stop witnessing it all.

In the days ahead the tragic, heart wrenching stories of survival and loss will begin to unfold.  People will come together to help one another.  Funds will be set up to take care of those who were left with nothing but the clothing on their backs.

We, humans, do this in the face of adversity....and, it always touches me to observe it.

My heart and prayers go out to those people who are searching through rubble to find pieces of their lives.

May the healing begin.


Beverly said...

How hard it is to see all the video coverage of the damage in your state and the others. I have no idea of the fear that must strike the hearts of those there.

Praying for all those affected by these horrible storms.

Granny Annie said...

It is easy to be thankful for your safety and it is devastating to think of the horror that surrounds you now. You are so right about the help that will surface now for those in need. We are overall good people. I am personally thankful that this deadly storm missed you.