Thursday, May 19, 2011


For several hours today I was without my cable television, my phone and the Internet. Charter was working on many of the storm damaged lines in Birmingham and all of the services were shut down.


Not really. 

Other than the fact that I wanted to see who made the finals of American Idol (!) tonight, it was really kind of nice.....and, quiet...and, I liked it....for a while, anyway

I read every inch of the newspaper.
I went through a stack of papers on my desk.
I just "was".

Of course....when things began to work again....

I watched American Idol.
I got right back online reading emails, etc.
I phoned a couple of friends.

And, I sat down and posted this on my blog.

So much for being "unplugged".
:  )

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Susan Adcox said...

We had a power outage recently, but it was at night, so any reading had to be done by flashlight or candlelight--not too good for old eyes. Hubby and I ended up just going to bed. Remember back when the blackouts resulted in a jump in the birthrate? That was among the young people! Hubby and I just went to sleep. LOL