Monday, May 23, 2011

What in the world is going on???

I am unable to sleep tonight as I watch the special tv report about the horrific tornado that wiped out more than 75% of Joplin, Missouri.





The meteorologists are speaking about the conditions making these areas ripe for the formation of severe storms....colder than usual temperatures in the north colliding with warm, humid temperatures in the southern half of the country.





Most of us made light of the preacher's predictions of the end of the world occurring at 6:00 pm on Saturday.  Suddenly, people are beginning to wonder about what is happening all around us.





Search and rescue teams are still out hoping to find any survivors that might be trapped under the debris.
People are walking around dazed and confused.  It is more like a war zone....than a small town neighborhood.

As I turn off the tv and decide to go to bed, my heart is heavy.
I feel a sense of helplessness as I think about the tragedies that have occurred to innocent people in these last few months. People without homes, people who have lost loved ones, people whose lives will never be the same.
What can we possibly do? 

For now....

Pray that calmer times are ahead......

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Granny Annie said...

Joplin is only about 40 miles from our home. We have only had rain,wind and hail while they were having all this devastation just across the Oklahoma/Missouri border. Dark clouds continue to surround us and rain storms continue to hamper the clean up and rescue efforts in Joplin. I have lived my entire life in "Tornado Alley" and have seen much destruction and viewed many funnel clouds forming. We tend to ignore the warnings because they occur so often this time of year and what happened in Joplin is the effect of disregarding those warnings. Everyone close to me has a tornado experience either first hand or someone close to them and yet we still ignore in the belief that it will not happen to us.