Monday, June 20, 2011

Ya gotta love this!

At Audrey's third birthday party on Saturday she had a surprise guest.....Disney's "Ariel".

 Not only must that have been a thrill for Audrey and her friends.....but, what about the dads that were at the party???!!

 Woo hoo.

 Ariel is a big step up from my generation's Minnie Mouse!
:  )


adam max said...

Hate to question your Disney expertise, but you know that that is not Ariel, right? Ariel has no legs and is a mermaid. Think, belly dancer, Arabian nights, magic carpet rides...

Grammie said...

My dear son....I did eventually realize that she wasn't supposed to be a mermaid.....finally figured out that it was Jasmine, right?
I'll have to catch up on my Disney characters!