Monday, July 11, 2011

If you can't beat them, eat them?

I spoke about the unbelievably delicious (and fattening!) Paula Deen cheese biscuits and hoecakes in a previous post....and, this weekend, I decided to do something about those wonderful light and fluffy morsels.
I made some myself!

Of course, while Paula might make hers with shortening and bacon fat, I substituted those for lowfat butter and used fat free buttermilk.  I'm not sure that she would approve of my "healthifying" her recipes, but, then, she doesn't have my cholesterol issues!

The hoecakes were a nice addition to our Friday night dinner.....but, the cheese biscuits took the prize.  We had them for breakfast yesterday and they were quite good.  Light and fluffy and relatively easy to make.  I froze the ones that were leftover to save for another time when the craving reappears...


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