Saturday, July 09, 2011

What I learned from my grandson today....

I decided to call my daughter-in-law, Jenny, this morning and see how things were going now that my son was off in Germany on business and she was at home alone with the two little angels ones.  She was doing fine and getting ready to take them to a water park and I could hear the grandkids being silly and excited in the background.

Audrey got a bit too rambunctious (takes after her mom can attest to that!) and was being "escorted" to her room....So, Owen picked up the phone to talk.  Fifteen minutes later (Grammie Heaven) is what I learned.

1.) Audrey gets in trouble a lot, but not so much Owen.

2.) Owen can ride his bicycle at "super duper fast" speeds, but Audrey is a little slower on her new bike.

3.) When Owen's 5th birthday arrives in September he would like a "Spiderman Pinball Wizard" something-or-other?????

4.) Owen's best friend, "Dovengot" (I never get that name right!) moved to another his new best friend is called (I swear it sounded like he said this...) "Amooba".  I told him that it sounded like a cow sound.  He giggled as he repeated the name to "silly" Grammie.

5.)  Daddy is in a far away place but will be home this afternoon.  Then in two days, he will be going to another far away place. He misses him a lot when he is away.

6.) School (day care)will be starting again in "two days". (Two days seems to be his point of reference for all things these days.)

7.) They are going to be getting new carpeting in their house.

8.)  The water park that they are going to is outside and it might be raining but..he thinks "the rain may have come last night and now it is going to be gone".

9.)  They had a great time on their "staycation" to a water park and hotel adventure last weekend.

10.)  He still remembers all of the fun they had with the two "Screaming Greemies" (Grammie and Mimi)  and wants us to come again.

11.) He thinks that there might be some birthday cake left when Papa Dave and I arrive two days after his actual birthday in September.

Oh, how I am looking forward to that leftover cake along with lots of hugs and more conversations like I had this morning!

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