Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunrise at 5:15 a.m.

 I awoke to the song "Soul Sister" blaring from my iphone before 5 o'clock this morning.  I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed for two or three more hours....but, I was taking Dave to the airport today to catch an early flight to visit his, I had to get moving.
I washed the sleep from my eyes....threw on some clothes....and, we were off.

Little did I know about the awesome early morning beauty that would await me on my drive back home.
 As I awkwardly tried to snap some photos of the morning sky with my phone, I began to feel so uplifted.  This sunrise was so lovely....filled with a variety of colors....and, holding so much promise for the upcoming day.  In my tiredness I paused to reflect on the magnificence of nature....and how I sometimes forget to really pay attention to this gift that is given to us freely each and every morning.
Of course, I went right back to bed when I got home....but, I had a good feeling inside and a new appreciation for being alive.

"Watching a sunrise, we open ourselves up to the beauty that nature creates, knowing it will never repeat itself just like this again." ~ Jake Rajs

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