Friday, August 05, 2011

Where have the days gone?

To all of my faithful reader (s?) out there....sorry that I haven't been posting.

I am trying to think about exactly what I have been doing these last few days that has kept me away from my blogging...

Here's what I have come up with:
1.) Preparing for pottery classes
2.) Teaching pottery classes
3.) Firing pottery pieces and praying that none of the student's work blows up in the kiln! (so far, so good)
4.) Taking care of piled up paper work, bills and other such nonsense.
5.) Doing some organizing. (very little)
6.) Trying not to watch the news.
7.) Eating more than I should.
8.) Baking a little....and, then eating what I have baked of course.
9.) Working on getting my greenish pool water back to a sparkling blue.
10.) Doctor appointments.
11.) Mammogram.
12.) Bone density test.
13.) Teeth cleaning.
14.) Missing my family, my kids, my grandkids, and Dave, who is visiting with his family.
15.) Catching up with tv shows on my DVR.
16.) Playing "Words with Friends" and "Hanging with Friends" with family and friends on my iPad.
17.) Walking on my treadmill since the heat index here is hovering in the 100 degree mark.
18.) Bemoaning the fact that it is already August when I hardly noticed July come and go...
19.)  Realizing how sad the above list is....and, that I actually have no excuse for not keeping up with my blog.
: )

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Granny Annie said...

Our heat is hovering at the 110 degree mark. Thank God our AC was repaired before we reached this temp. Your excuses are all valid and you owe no explanations. Enjoy your time guilt-free. You have my permission:)